produce, designs and sets up all production phases in a photo|video shoot.

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Why A  Production Company Is Important For Your Project ?


* Meeting: Key messaging, identify audience, set timelines
* Research: Understand stories and objectives
* Strategic Vision: Story identification, storyboarding, planning and shoot preparation
* Photo|Video moodboard
* Budget
* Story selection
* Project timeline
* Script creation
* Models
* Production team/equipment needs
* Location Scouting


* Setting up the /lighting/photo/video equipment
* Content Creation
* Conducting the severals sets
* Managing the photo|video shoot and keep the timeline intact
* Capturing b-roll (extra footage that is used to support your story)


* Content Review: Logging and preselecting the shots
* Pre-selection of the best images
* Music selection
* Video editing
* Producing the final story
* Reviews/approvals
* Final Delivery


Whether the shooting is on location, in a studio, or at your office, there are a lot of moving pieces that have to come together. Does the time and place work for all members of the crew? How about the models ? Identifying all of these details is crucial, and and it is essential to do it in a logical, systematic fashion.

Predictable Timeline

Photo|Video production takes time. For anything more than an iPhone photo|video, you don’t just pick up a camera one day and have a photo|video in your hands the next. So, how much planning time do you need before the shoot and how much editing time afterward? It’s only guesswork unless you have a real process. An established and tested photo|video process can help you go from an educated guess to an accurate prediction.

Accurate Pricing

Speaking of pricing, most production rates are based on time. The more hours required to plan, shoot, and edit the project, the more it costs. And when you add extra days or crew members, that obviously adds to the total time (and price).

Fewer Revisions

When you nail down your objectives, discuss the details in pre-production, and then execute to match your vision, you will end up with the final results of your dream. On the other hand, if you go through that whole project without a real process, you may end up with problems that require to change the team, don’t use the final products of the project  and more  time and money to resolve this situation.


What We Do

We produce, design and sets up all production phases in a photo|video shoot. As a production company, your primary responsibilities revolve around producing a beautiful final product for your client. Your duties include storyboarding, scheduling sessions, setting up the equipment need for your project, managing the photo|video shoot, editing the photos, and the montage of your video.

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