Branded Content Vs. Native Advertising

The truth is, advertising isn’t complicated. Simply put, brands want to make sure their product is in front of their customers at the right time. They do this by researching their audience and providing them with helpful information. Take a look at two of those strategies below and how they appear on your everyday website browsing.

Native advertising

Native Advertising are paid ads that match the look and function of the media format in which they appear. Think of this like scrolling through Instagram and coming across a post that matches the aesthetic yet is sneakily a product ad. Native advertising is meant to display the product naturally. Its end goal is to compel you to buy without being too aggressive. Brands do this so well that it’s hard to distinguish native advertising from an actual feed. Thus, native ads usually come with tags such as “sponsored” or “recommended.”

Branded content

Branded content is created by the brand to provide value to potential customers. It is usually affiliated with the brand and appears on its website and social networks. However, this strategy can also appear on a third-party website. Branded content is made to reflect the company’s aesthetic and principles. It focuses on storytelling and connection over the promotion of the actual product. Think of this like a meal delivery service posting a blog about quick and healthy recipes. The informative content could entice the customer to learn more and helps establish the meal delivery service as a trusted source. With branded content, the company has more control over how its image comes across. It’s not meant to be an exact sales pitch but rather a gentle nudge in their product’s direction.

It’s important to note that branded content can be considered native advertising. Yet, native advertising is not always branded content. Most businesses around the world use a mix of both of these strategies to connect with customers. Ultimately, brands that provide high-quality and engaging content will always find their audience. Need help with your content? Contact us at () for more information.

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