Ask us about the packages we offer!

Our standard package is designed to cover all steps for your film or digital campaign.

We’ve got you covered from start to finish! We’ve been doing projects for years, and are proud to help customers just like you every day. We can help with everything from finding models to handling post production, or even styling models from well-known agencies.

Standard Package for 5000€ includes :

Project Management

Project Management is a key part of film and digital content production. It's the process of planning, organizing, and managing all aspects of a project from start to finish. That includes locations, shooting schedules, budget planning, crew hires, transportation and food—you name it!


The Project Manager is responsible for getting all the pieces in place so that the project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


Photographers and videographers are a huge part of any film production company. They capture visual content and make sure it's shot in the best light possible. They also have to prepare their equipment and lighting, which can be time-consuming if you're planning on filming a lot of different scenes.

Production Manager

The production manager is a key member of any film production team. They are responsible for overseeing the entire production process and making sure that everything goes smoothly, from start to finish.

Post Production

The post-process of a film or video clip is the process of completing a project for final output. It most commonly involves editing the footage, adding visual effects to the footage, creating a soundtrack/score or sound effects, adding subtitles or captions to the video, and encoding it in a format that can be distributed.

Model - Talent

A professional model from an agency is important to a content/film production because they have been trained in the art of posing, modeling, and acting. They are experienced professionals who know how to pose in front of a camera, how to make their body language come across on screen, and how to act out a scene in front of the camera.

This type of model is usually paid more than non-professional models because they have more experience and training, which often makes them more reliable than other types of models as well.

For our clients we mostly only recommend and book professional models from well known agencies.


A professional stylist is helping for all projects to create high-quality content. They help create the overall look and feel of a project by selecting and coordinating clothing, accessories, props, and set decorations. Stylists also work with us to ensure that wardrobe choices support the story being told and that they're appropriate for each character.

Location or Studio

The key to a good location is diversity. A good location should offer a diverse range of spaces—from indoor settings to outdoor areas, forests and deserts as well as wide fields and rocky cliffs.


This will save our clients time during production so that resources can be used more efficiently. The location should be accessible and safe. It should also have the right amount of space to accommodate all the props, equipment and people involved in a production. This will make it easier for us to work efficiently and ensure we don’t waste any time or resources during production.